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Welcome to the 2.5% Burn Token on BSC

Finally a meme token that is fair and community driven!

-no hidden team wallets

-no team bots

-no fake marketing wallets

-no fake paid articles or paid shillers

-no malicious code in contract

-no fake pre-sale where the team sends

    the majority of tokens to their wallets

-2.5% tax is on all swaps and transfers

All taxes go directly to the burn wallet!

-2 BNB addeded to initial liquidity

-Locked liquidity

-Dev wallet holds .5% of initial supply

    only 5000 tokens

-Only 1,000,000 tokens minted

-60% of initial supply is burned

-burning does not increase the value but reduces the circulating supply and prevents teams from manipulating price and selling on holders

Contract Address:


Token Symbol $BT

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